Welcome to the Marcia A. Phifer Foundation!

Our Mission:  “Enriching Lives through Gardening”

The Marcia A. Phifer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity, was established in 2010 to perpetuate the life-long values of Marcia A. Phifer, a noted educator and Master Gardener.  The Foundation’s mission is to enrich people’s lives by promoting the creation, preservation, improvement, and beautification of gardens.


Our Objectives:  “Education & Community Outreach”

Our Foundation has supported the efforts of college-bound students who are seeking to advance their education in such fields as environmental sciences, horticulture, aboriculture, botany, conservation, and other related areas.  Since 2011 we have bestowed college scholarships to applicants who are seeking bachelor’s or associates degrees.

A second objective involves our active support and partnership with community-based organizations by:

  • Providing instruction on healthy gardening practices
  • Assisting in land use and garden related activities
  • Leading lectures, workshops or demonstrations which encourage healthy gardening practices


Regional Recognition

The Marcia A. Foundation has been acknowledged for the work we have undertaken to reach our organizational mission and objectives.  In September 2012, we received a Community Partners Program Grant from Wells Fargo Bank so that our foundation is able to continue to fund college scholarships and partner with community based organizations.  We are proud of the opportunity to continue “enriching lives through gardening.”
If you would like to obtain more information about the Marcia A. Phifer Foundation, please contact us at info@mapfound.org


“Enriching Lives Through Gardening”